Lisa & Andrew saw each other through the crowd in a football match. Call it what you want: fate, kismet or destiny, but it was a beautiful thing what happened next. They kept staring and smiling at each other throughout the match, until finally, Andrew waved to Lisa. She instantly had butterflies, and she knew she had to meet him. After dating for two blissful years, Andrew wanted to marry his sweetheart. He made an elaborate plan, but involved one of Lisa's friends so she wouldn't suspect a thing.
"All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love."

- Leo Tolstoy

25 Sep 2018

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Main Ceremonies

The wedding party walks down the aisle and takes their places for the ceremony. Lisa and Andrew will make their way to the altar separately, symbolizing the fact that they're from different backgrounds.
17:00 Sunday, 25 Sep 2017 - 38 Charlene Garden

After Party

After the ceremonies end, everyone will stay to enjoy foods and drinks, to send the bride and the groom good blessings during the party with dancing and singing then to take pictures together.
21:00 Sunday, 25 Sep 2017 - 38 Charlene Garden
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